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Reliable Consistent Nucleic Acid Purification from a cGMP-Manufactured Instrument

Maxwell CSC Instrument

The Maxwell® Clinical Sample Concentrator (CSC) Instrument provides automated nucleic acid purification for a range of clinical sample types. The purification methods use sample lysis and binding to paramagnetic particles as the primary separation principle. Up to 16 samples can be prepared in a single run.

The automated steps performed by the Maxwell® CSC Instrument include:

  • Sample lysis in the presence of a specially formulated Lysis Buffer
  • Binding of nucleic acids to paramagnetic particles
  • Washing of the bound target molecules away from other cellular components
  • Elution of the product

The instrument is controlled by a graphical user interface running on a tablet PC. The Maxwell® CSC Instrument has the ability to record and report sample tracking and method run data. A bar code reader is supplied with the Maxwell® CSC instrument and is used for starting method runs, capturing bar code information for samples and reagents. The Maxwell® CSC Instrument provides reports of the data gathered for instrument operations, and the reports can be printed and exported to an administrator-specified storage location or a USB drive for transfer to a separate computer. To start a run the user scans the bar code of the reagent kit to be processed, this selects the appropriate protocol to be run. After entering the sample tracking bar code information, the user follows the recommended protocol for the Maxwell® CSC kit and prepares the deck tray of the instrument as instructed. The cartridges are placed into the instrument, and the method is automatically run.

Maxwell® CSC Instrument Features

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system operation
  • Standardized nucleic acid sample preparation workflow
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • System controlled via tablet PC
  • Reporting functionality
  • Bar code reader included
  • Preprogrammed methods for nucleic acid purification

Maxwell® CSC Instrument Specifications

  • Processing Time: 20–40 minutes (depending on sample type and method)
  • Number of Samples: up to 16
  • Weight: <30lb (<14kg)
  • Dimensions (W × D × H): 13 × 18 × 13 inches (330.2 × 457.2 × 330.2mm)
  • Power Requirements: 95–240VAC, 50–60Hz
  • Fuse: 3A

Maxwell CSC Instrument Standard Components

  • 1 Maxwell® CSC Instrument
  • 1 Tablet PC preloaded with Maxwell® CSC User Interface
  • 1 USB cable for connection of the Maxwell® CSC Instrument to the Tablet PC
  • 1 Power Cable for Maxwell® CSC Instrument
  • 1 Power Cable for Tablet PC
  • 1 Maxwell® CSC Deck Tray
  • 1 Bar Code Reader
  • 1 Tablet PC Holder
  • 1 Software CD for the Maxwell® CSC Instrument

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